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Why Buying Links Is Not Good For Your SEO strategy? | Sunny Design Demo Club

Off-page SEO involves mainly link building opportunities that can literally rank you significantly higher in a fortnight. As link building is probably the most fruitful off-page technique, there are a lot of schemes that are designed to provide selling-buying links. These are simply not good and you should look for natural opportunities like BuilderTrend, which does not involve any paying, but rather an exchange of these. In any case, we have prepared an explanation of why you should not buy links.

It harms the policy and rules

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First and most important – it is against the rules and it is considered to be a black-hat SEO strategy! Google made a clear statement on these – just avoid these as you will get penalized sooner or later. Any money-exchanging action that involves buying/selling links or exchanging physical goods that get in return the link is strictly prohibited and if you engage in such activities, you are risking to get your site penalized. Playing by the rules is the best advice we can give you on the link building as any unusual link pattern is noticed and delisted from the index.

These links are often of low-quality

Another aspect, which is true in 99% of the cases, is that all these links that point to your site are roughly said toxic. There is also a disclaimer that reports that no one can guarantee you the results. It means you are gambling with money and you risking to get penalized at the same time.

What people mostly do is that they offer links from domains that have low authority, which means your rankings will not improve too much. So, why would you pay for a link that costs, in average, around $250, without a guarantee that a strategy will work?

It is far away from the long-term tactic

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We all want to find something valuable and worthy in the long run, but these paid links are definitely not what you are looking for. No one says that you cannot achieve some good results with this strategy. But, firstly, you need to invest a lot of money and secondly, this is not something that will work all the time. It is just a matter of time before Google finds out. Once it finds out, you are about to get penal for the actions and your site will ruin its reputation. It makes no sense.

No one can give you the ratio between value and efficiency

As we said, no one can guarantee you that you will not achieve the results, but also no one can give you the real value and ratio between value and efficiency. They will always say that it is a worthy investment, but when you actually compare the prices of these links with your potential profit/loss, there is a huge gap that no one can predict. It is much better to hire a professional SEO consultant to perform a site audit to find out on-page problems that could cause severe drops on the SERPs. Once you solve your on-site SEO, then start thinking of off-page.