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SDDC Surveys & Planning

Survey Results and


–Range Planning

Strategic Planning Task Force

The San Diego Democratic Club convened a Strategic Planning Task Force in 2003 to develop a long-range plan. The effort was spearheaded by SDDC President Jess Durfee, Task Force co-chairs Jeri Dilno and Stephen Whitburn, and SDDC members Dwayne Crenshaw and Cesar Portillo.

Survey results

The Task Force began its work by conducting surveys of the membership and various community leaders. The survey results are contained in the following documents:

Membership Survey Results
Community Survey Results

Goals and objectives

Based upon the survey results and comments, the Task Force drafted a list of goals and objectives to be achieved within the next ten years, above and beyond what the SDDC is currently accomplishing. These goals and objectives were adopted by the SDDC board and presented to the membership in August 2003.

SDDC Long-range Goals and Objectives

Long-range plan

The Task Force then took these goals and objectives and divided them into year-by-year accomplishable steps over the next ten years. These year-by-year steps were adopted by the SDDC board and presented to the membership in September 2003.

SDDC Long-range Plan (year-by-year)


Implementation of the long-range plan will be a focus of the SDDC board’s planning meeting each year. Flexibility will be important. It is possible, if not likely, that goals will be added, changed, or deleted over the course of the ten years.


The Strategic Planning Task Force is grateful to the many SDDC members, board members, and community leaders who contributed their time and insights to this process by completing the surveys, offering comments, or helping out in other ways.


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