SDDC Uncategorized San Diego Democratic Club – Officers and Board of Directors

San Diego Democratic Club – Officers and Board of Directors

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President Larry Baza
Vice President
Jeri Dilno
Vice President for
Robert Leyh
Vice President for
Political Action
Alex Sachs
Secretary Brad Jacobsen
Treasurer John Gordon
Community Outreach Chair vacant  
Diversity Chair vacant  
Fundraising Chair Carlos Marques &
Vickie Moody-Geissler
Information Technology
Legislative Advocate Matt Corrales
Media & Marketing Chair Joann Mockbee
Membership Chair Doug Case
Mobilization Chair vacant  
Political Relations Chair Gloria Johnson
Program Chair Kevin Beiser  
Publications Chair Craig Roberts
Special Events Chair Greg Bolian
Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Kove
(on leave of absense)
Women’s Caucus Chair Kate Lyon
Youth Caucus Chair Allan Acevedo &
Jennifer Livengood
Past President Andrea Villa