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Quiz Answers

  1. John McCormack (Speaker of the House, Democrat from Mass.). There was no vice president in 1964 because Johnson had been vice president when Kennedy died and there was not as yet any procedure to replace the vice president.

  2. The Constitution does not say anything about the makeup of the Supreme Court

  3. Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club, Harvey Milk Democratic Club

  4. Six: Gloria Johnson, Jeri Dilno, Doug Case, Craig Roberts, Jess Durfee, Stephen Whitburn

  5. GAA (Gay Activists Alliance)

  6. Tennessee


  7. 1972 in Miami where George McGovern was nominated

  8. February 11, 1731 or February 11, 1731/2. When George Washington was born in 1731, the British Empire used the Julian calendar. They changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. This involved skipping 11 days to catch up, since the Julian calendar wasn’t as accurate with regard to the solar year as the Gregorian calendar. Another change caused by this adoption was that New Year’s Day moved from March 25 (Christian Annunciation Day) to January 1. Thus, under the new calendar, the February when Washington was born was now considered to have occurred in 1732 instead of 1731.

  9. Four. Both Bushes, Yale undergraduates; Clinton and Ford, Yale Law

  10. James Buchanan had no wife