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famous women quiz

At the March SDDC meeting, we had a quiz on famous women. The answers are below. Note that questions 22 and 23 had two valid answers.

There were 21 entries to the contest. The winner of the quiz was Ellis Rose with a total of 23 correct answers. Second place with 22 correct answers was Brad Jacobson, who gets a special mention for being the only one to have the correct answer to question 21—Billy Tipton. Third place with 21 correct answers was the dual entry of Gloria Johnson and Terry Abrams.

  1. 1. The first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and the first woman to fly solo over the Pacific Ocean.    Amelia Earhart

  2. 2. She is known as the “mother of the civil rights movement.”    Rosa Parks

  3. 3. Founders of the Daughters of Bilitis in 1955.    Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

  4. 4. A slave who became a conductor on the underground railroad.    Harriet Tubman

  5. 5. The Queen of England from 1533 to 1603.    Elizabeth I

  6. 6. The winner of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.    Mother Theresa

  7. 7. Holocaust Diarist.    Anne Frank

  8.  8. Founder of the Social Responsibilities Roundtable of the American Library Association – perhaps the first lesbian/gay Caucus in a professional organization.    Barbara Gittings

  9. 9. Known for her work to ban land mines.    Princess Diana

  10. 10. Married Joe DiMaggio on Jan. 4, 1954    Marilyn Monroe

  11. 11. Movie star whose first leading role was in “National Velvet.”    Elizabeth Taylor

  12. 12. She dedicated her life to the study of chimpanzees.    Jane Goodall

  13. 13. Founder of Project 10, a support group for LGBT students.    Virginia Uribe

  14. 14. Her face is on the US dollar coin.    Sacagawea

  15. 15. Married her first cousin, and later became the first lady.    Eleanor Roosevelt

  16. 16. Founded the American Red Cross.    Clara Barton

  17. 17. First woman elected to Congress.    Jeanette Rankin

  18. 18. Pioneer nurse and founder of modern nursing.    Florence Nightingale

  19. 19. First woman on a US coin.    Susan B. Anthony

  20. 20. First woman Supreme Court     Judge.Sandra Day O’Connor

  21. 21. Saxophonist and jazz bandleader of the 40s.    Billy Tipton

  22. 22. Classic silver screen actress who is now 93 years old.    Katherine Hepburn or Gloria Stuart

  23. 23. Gold medal gymnast with a perfect 10.    Nadia Comaneci or Mary Lou Retton (Nadia was first)

  24. 24. President John Adam’s wife.    Abigail Adams

  25. 25. Lesbian inductee into the SD Women’s Hall of Fame.    Gloria Johnson