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Components Required For Internet Marketing | Sunny Design Demo Club

COMPUTER. Any computer, it does not have to be anything special, but preferably not older than 7-8 years. You do not need these latest 64-bit computers.

E-MAIL ORDER. Unlike the formerly dominant local e-mail programs (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc.), today they are dominated by webmail services like Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo Mail (Ymail) and others.If you want to learn more go to AppValley Installer

PDF PROGRAM. PDF is a form that is widely popular for the exchange of documents on the Internet. PDF files can be displayed in the web browser itself and can be downloaded to your computer. To view PDF files, but also to transfer them to other formats – for example, images, create PDF files, and others, use the free PDF-Xchange Viewer

CONTRIBUTIONS TO DIFFERENT SOCIAL NETWORKS. Primarily Facebook, Twitter and now more popular Google+

FORUMS – Forums are the online community of expansions of social networks. They are still very popular among people with similar interests. People have countless interests and so have a myriad of forums.Best emulator is GBA Emulator

VIDEO PROCESSING. In Windows OS, you have built-in Microsoft Movie Maker from the old Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

PICTURE PROCESSING. You do not need Photoshop or Corel. These are programs for designers, graphic preparation … For easy manipulation of the images you need in every operating system built-in programs, for example in the windows OS program Paint, just explore your operating system

CONTRIBUTIONS TO DIFFERENT PHOTO SERVICES. What will they do? As you know when you create your blog or site, you can send an image from your computer to your personal account at that service. We had this in a lesson on the Word Word blog and image posting.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Depending on what you are going to do and which market you plan to cover, you will need to a lesser or greater degree some knowledge of the English language. The most popular Internet services and programs are largely localized to languages with ex-YU space.

WEB CAMERA. It is desirable that you have it when communicating with others, for example, video calls to Skype, webinars where you will use a webcam, video conferencing with multiple participants, etc., to establish a closer relationship with the audience.

SKYPE. The name itself speaks. Download it from the official Skype website. It will also help you with training at Net School and the next day in the work to make video calls with other people around the world for free.

AVATAR. Avatars are small thumbnails that appear next to your comments on blogs, forums, etc.

SERVICES FOR EXCHANGING LARGE FILES. Sometimes it will be necessary for you to allow others to download a large file from you.