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What we are specific about is the fact that we do not use ready-made systems and templates, but we are working out the whole design from scratch – which gives us the freedom to implement everything you imagine, both in design and in technical terms. We find inspiration in the latest and most successful world projects, which makes us the early adopters of the latest trends in web and graphic design. We never limit our clients with the number of design proposals and iterations, because from experience we know that after the first proposals our design is adopted. The main trump card that justifies every dinar invested in our design is greater efficiency in running paid Internet marketing campaigns.

We create our design in ideal conditions: using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, in an inspiring environment, with a highly-compatible team of people. The result is more than obvious: each pixel is in place, each detail is symmetrical, and each color is embedded. Print preparation is double checked, sites are tested by the user’s eye.

The Digital / Internet Marketing Agency was founded more than a decade ago from our founder’s passion towards the world of information technologies, internet communications and presentations, digital marketing, generally the first social phenomenon – the Internet. We noticed a need that at that time was not yet satisfied and predicted what would happen next.

We are focused on success in work and outcome, and this is only possible through the success of our clients. That’s why we build dynamic collaboration with our clients, together we measure the efficiency and success of our projects that are developing their business. So they are an active participant in the development and affirmation of their brand, and we are part of their business family.