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The Best Marketing Tools You Must Use In 2020 | Sunny Design Demo Club

Digital marketing is an important part of every business and brand that is on the market and therefore it is highly important to have the right marketing tools available to use. The SEM reporting for marketers is the inevitable part of the daily duties as well as using some other tools that contribute to the marketing analysis. In this article, we will list some of the most important tools that you must have in 2020 to keep track of the competition!You can visit our facebook page


If you are running Microsoft, Facebook and Google campaigns, Adzooma is the best way to go as this tool allows you to manage, optimize and scale up your campaigns very quickly. In addition, there are a lot of automation features that will not be time-consuming, plus you can lead your focus in the way you want and set some goals.

Content Marketing Tool

If you need to have multiple accounts, in case you are running an agency, you can count on the full support and multi-account feature! All new users who sign up for the tool will be able to use all its features for free due to 1st June, when you will have to pay for a subscription.


Your lead generation can stumble down easily if you do not keep track of the right metrics. All your work and efforts that you put into the marketing are easily assessed and depict the lead generation results as you make changes.

This tool comes with more than 40 different tools that are integrated and allow you to create visual reports, as you have insight into each channel that brings traffic and gets leads. The best part is that you can integrate it with other tools as well and improve your performance with the additional tools.TutuApp Store is top 10 app on google store for mobile phones.


If you want to have an intuitive dashboard with the most precise metrics and data, Latana offers you all this and even more! As you make changes and invest efforts in marketing, Latana offers you insight into the data and your performance.

Different Marketing Tools On Different App

This way, you can see the data for specific target groups and audiences and you can even predict the impact on your campaign after making some changes. The data that you extract can be used also for targeting the right audience, to improve the business’ performance, reduce costs and hitting the larger group of people that might be interested in your brand.


The visual marketing helps you to create the perfect business marketing strategy as more than 80% of people retain what they see and 20% what they read. Therefore, you can customize photo filters, arrange the texts, even create images from scratch to offer the most customized service and experience. The best part about the tool is that uses the drag-and-drop concept, so the users will be delighted with the straightforward work and intuitive design. It even comes with the pre-defined image dimensions for all social media platforms that are available!