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Sunny Design Demo Club

What we are specific about is the fact that we do not use ready-made systems and templates, but we are working out the whole design from scratch – which gives us the freedom to implement everything you imagine, both in design and in technical terms.

Just few of many thing we do.

The first and basic thing is to please the people who are looking for our aging. Creating web pages from the most general to those that have an application in them

Introduction to internet marketing is one of the topics our agency deals with. Help to master the basic concepts of Internet marketing itself.

Basic training in designing websites and the basics of internet marketing is another item that our agency provides. These are, only the basic concepts that you will learn from our agency.

From our recruited staff, we highlight people who can most help you with internet marketing.

Henry OsloHenry deals with the Banner ad impression (Banner Ad Impression). This represents the number of visits, i.e. the number of those who saw the banner. The word impression or impression is used because each of the ad viewed gives some impression.

Julia deals with Pay Per Click advertising billing. This is system that allows the advertiser to pay only for advertising effects (click on the ad to the target site), as opposed to paying by the number of ad impressions.

John deals with Pay Per Action (PPA – Pay Per Action). This is an advertising system that represents the next step in quality contextual advertising. This type of advertising is very close to the sale itself, as the advertiser pays for advertising in this case only when the desired action of the user is made (desired action), such as, for example, downloading a file, logging in to a mailing list, ordering a product, etc.

Check the lates posts from our blog page.

Among the best web designers we have to extract these three personalities that are the best in their business.

Hulio is developing websites through CMS. The CMS abbreviation comes from the category name for this type of software (Content Management System) and can be divided into several groups depending on the technology of its construction. CMS site contributes to faster updating of content, speeds up text input, images, enables interaction with visitors on the site, etc.

Anett makes websites using WordPress. WordPress is generally conceived as a blog portal system, however, lately, the boundaries of the use of this CMS system have moved so much that they are increasingly used to make E-commerce (E-Shop), Business Jobs portal or Classifieds, Classipress, site directory, etc.

Nicole is re-designing the site. Redesign of websites implies their “beautification” and standardization. In other words, “changing the mask” without or with very little change in the code and structure of the site. Only “refresh” will make the site more beautiful, more modern and fresher. Mostly these changes relate to the redesign of the header of the site, i.e. “Header”, the central navigation system (new buttons, links …) as well as a footer, ie. the footer of the website.

Many have chosen us because we give the functional software a unique look and design, which is why our website is modern, simple, transparent and in accordance with the needs of our clients. Be yourself one of them!

  • Web Design and Web Application Development (CMS)
  • Design and development of mobile applications
  • SEO – Optimize your site for search engines.
  • Development of desktop applications
  • Logo design
  • Promotional material design
  • We meet with your company and your website.
  • We carry out basic research and get to know your business, goals.
  • We focus on the keywords that drive sales.
  • We have all the (turnkey) possibilities for creating a new website.
  • We monitor the results of our joint project.
  • We have been dealing with internet marketing for more than a decade;
  • We have the experience and skills necessary for the development of your business;
  • We understand the needs of clients, different industries, and businesses;
  • We approach each client individually and fundamentally;
  • We are valued, flexible and creative;
  • We do everything that the client always gets more than we agreed and that his business is growing;
  • We share the goals of our clients.

Please contact us for any further job opportunities.