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Are you planning to hold a corporate event? If the event planning can be managed at the office, it should be well-planned by the employees themselves. As such, when the planning is well underway and an event coordinator has been assigned, most of the task of the employees involve will be to market and advertise the corporate event. This is especially true if the corporate event’s goal is to bring up sales. Marketing corporate events are no easy task. The corporate event itself may fail or succeed based on the marketing style and strategies that employees will make.

Employees may suggest many strategies like printing leaflets and brochures to distribute to clientele and possible customers. This will usually involve a lot of printing or ordering them, months before the event schedule. While the event coordinator will be very well equipped and skilled in calling and reserving the venue, it is always the visitors that will come to the site that will make or break the event. Without the visitors or possible customers, the event will be of no use at all. The corporate event, if used as a marketing strategy should serve the purpose and should generate the results expected. As such, marketing it would be one of the major goals of employees involved.

Leaflets and brochures or any printed material distributed to people are good. It is a way to help boost the exposure of the event as well as the company. It will also serve as a reminder of the products and services that the company offers for those who won’t be able to come. However, it will divert the possible customers from the real purpose of the event – to generate sales or increase possible client database.

Using the company’s website is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to market the event. However, there are a couple of things to take note of to ensure that the corporate event is noticed and possible customers take an interest in attending it as follows:

Create a helpful and attention grabbing infographic. The business website should be well updated for it to appear in related searches. As such, posting an informative and attention grabbing infographic will generate viewers and visitors. In addition, most computer users are attracted to good use of graphics and text. This is one of the most desirable ways to provide information and generate traffic to the company’s website as well.

Update the company website’s blog. The company website’s blog does not necessarily have to contain articles on products and services. It can very well include what is happening in the company, partnerships as well as celebrations. Have a writer write something about the upcoming corporate event. It would be best to highlight the guests or artists that will be coming to pique visitor and crowd interests.

Share the blog on social networking sites. The social media is one of the best mediums for propagating information about a corporate event. As mentioned earlier, a great infographic can easily generate traffic to the website as well as readers for the company’s blog. Providing an infographic will also help reading very interesting, which consequently, makes sharing on social media network automatically for website visitors and users.

Highlight freebies. Corporate events usually provide freebies to visitors and potential customers. Usually, the freebies are given in exchange for a business card or a sale. As such, include photos of freebies on the company’s website to entice website visitors to grace the event.

Highlight promotional offers. Usually, it is during the corporate events that promotional offers on products and services are offered. This is to entice potential customers to avail of the products and services that the company offers. As such, it would also be advisable to provide links and photos of the products that are being promoted. Highlight the discount that potential customers will get once they availed of the service or bought a product.

Use bring a friend promotional offers. If applicable, tell customers that they will be given discounts or freebies when they bring a friend when they attend the corporate event. This will also help to ensure that should your customers visit and purchase a product their friends will also be encouraged to do so. This is akin to customers recommending your products and services to their friends.

When the customers as well as potential clients attended the corporate event, it is up to the marketing and advertising employees to ensure that these visitors and clientele do not get bored with the event. The marketing and advertising strategies will be for naught if visitors will just come and then leave when they find the corporate event boring.

Have you tried our new product? Almost every time you say this to the people you meet, you can almost see them fleeing from the conversation. In order to take effective steps in your marketing strategies, you should take note what consumers are looking for products.

Applicable to any Lifestyle. What do you look for every time you are trying out a new product? Do you look for its applicability in your lifestyle? Well, almost everything in the market is applicable to any individual. Rather than its application, you should look for appropriateness. Is it appropriate for your lifestyle? Will it fit your personality and the people in your life? This is one aspect that marketing experts look into. Once a product can fit any lifestyle, the product will be a sure hit.

There may be instances that the potential customer does not see any application of your product in their own life. For instance, someone that does not use candles will not likely buy the scented candle you are selling. By showing the role of scented candles in the bathroom and in the kitchen as well as the dining room, you are giving out an idea for the potential customer where the candle will be of use to him. He may not use it now, but because of the way your product is displayed, he will discover the need for it.

Durability of the Product. The next thing that a consumer looks for in a product is its durability. Durability is measured by a product’s ability to stand the test of time. In terms of consumables, the longer it serves, the better it is. A product does not last long because it is not used, but rather, it does not get easily consumed because it has the ability to provide the desired results even with minimal application.

No product is durable enough to last a lifetime, unless it is not used. For customers who seemed to be looking for the impossible, you can offer a lifetime service warranty which will help to take care of the problems that they foresee. Some customers don’t like looking for people to repair or service the product, thus they will always ask for service repair information in anticipation for the need that may arise.

Product’s Aesthetic Appeal. People are first attracted to examine an item because of its appearance. An aesthetically packaged product will mean more possibilities of being looked at. It should be able to pique the curiosity of passersby. It should also be uniquely designed so that the buyer will take pride in it once they’ve bought the product.

For instance, when you are selling products that are used in the kitchen, how do you go about showcasing the aesthetic appeal of the product? The best place would be to create a small space in your store that coordinates the color scheme of your products. The customer will then envision his kitchen to be like the kitchen you are presenting and would try to get a taste of that by buying the products shown in that sample kitchen space.

On the other hand, showcasing the effect of a service may be difficult for sellers that offer specific services like landscape or repairs. The best way to showcase this is in a museum type of room. You can show how bad the previous design or the problem areas before the landscape intervention. By highlighting the problem issues, you get to show what has been done and how the landscaping service helped the client.

Appropriate Price. Next is the price tag. Does the price give justice to its manufacturing process and the benefit it provides to the consumers? Is it readily available in case clients needed more? Another criterion that a consumer decides on whether to use a new product or not is the advantage of using it over what they got used to before your product came to existence. Will using your product be a better choice for me and the people involved in my life? Will it bear effective and faster results to the product I am currently using?

Some products will not come cheap, more so with services. However, if your marketing strategy will show that the effect of the products and service that you provide are better than what they are using, this will trigger a change of heart and your product and service will be given a chance to show its efficiency. It is this chance that should be maximized, thus it is important that the product you are marketing can deliver what it promised during the advertisement and marketing strategies.

Starting out your own business? Are you prepared enough to start a landscaping company in Bristol? Ever planned or tried starting your own business like bristol garden design services? If you already did, then good for you – you already know how it feels to venture out and try your luck. For some, a business venture, no matter what scale, is a difficult one to start with. To start your own business means a lot – which means a lot of sacrifices, hard work, patience, perseverance and determination.

What is the first and most important before you start embarking on this endeavor? To start with, ascertain your product and the consumers it will cater to. In business terms, a question such as, “Do you have a market for your product?” meant assuring that before you decided to go out and do business, a good amount of consumers will buy your product. Basically, it is what every selling and service-oriented commercial enterprise needs – the customers. Without buyers, there’s no need for the product, which also means, no gains for you and your company.

Let’s say you have a market. The next important point to know is, how well do you know your market and your product to ensure success​? When we say success, it does not connote immediate large-scale gains, but a fair amount of profit to start with. As your clients increase, also is their needs, their specifications and their knowledge about your product or service. How well do you know the ins and outs of what you are presenting to them?

For example, you like the idea of starting your own business of making candles. You enjoy making candles, you like what you do and you even reinvent the product – but when a buyer comes with technical knowledge of it, how well can you respond? Will you be able to satisfy his inquiries and later close a deal? If he starts blabbering on the essential oils and advantages of aluminum or copper base wicks, what will you do? It is important that before you really start, you have enough knowledge to start with. This knowledge can arise from various sources: books, media, research outputs and publications, magazines.

But there is one knowledge that customers will give high regard – that knowledge that grow from your own usage of the product or service you are offering. You are in the better position if you use your products. Why? Problems that will arise can be given better solutions. Complaints can be better pacified and facilitated. Because you also use your product, you can already troubleshoot any question that may come. It’s like having a solution before someone experienced it.

No two situations are the same, in the same way, no two products are the same, as well as the responses of each buyer. One guiding light that you can use is, if you enjoy and use your products and services, there is also a good chance that many will have the same experience. It’s just a matter of keeping your head and actions together and never overestimate the demand for the supply – as quickly as they rise, it is also quick in going back to a plateau.