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Boy Scout Talking Points

Boy Scout Talking Points

The Council is scheduled to take up this matter at a closed session (no public allowed) meeting on Tuesday, September 9. We need to deluge their offices with calls on the day before, Monday September 8. Please make a call to your council representative that day, and not before, because 1) we are going for impact and 2) we don’t want the opposition to have any time to respond.


  • I urge you not to appeal this ruling but rather to embrace the court’s ruling and the city’s constitutional obligations.

  • The city should end its alliance with the Boy Scouts in this litigation and instead come over to the right side of the issue by no longer fighting in court for the right to act in an unconstitutional manner.

  • Instead, the city should ask the judge to let them terminate Balboa Park lease immediately. The city should also refuse to challenge the judge’s ruling of unconstitutionality and instead join with the ACLU in repudiating discrimination.

  • Establishing and then renewing the lease were actions of prior councils. Now that a judge has ruled those actions illegal, the current council should repudiate them.

  • If we continue to fight this, hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars will be spent defending bigotry while we have fewer police protecting us and fewer library hours for our children due to the current budget crisis.

  • San Diego must demonstrate moral leadership by reflecting the values cited by Judge Jones in his ruling: tolerance and inclusion in the public realm.

Important: Every council member needs to hear from us, even those we think will not be on our side. Those we think are on our side need our calls so they can report how much support there is for ending the Balboa Park lease.

More information can be found on on our news page, or you can call the ACLU at (619) 232-2121.