SDDC Uncategorized 8 Meeting Management Tips to Help You Address the Frustrations of Running a Meeting

8 Meeting Management Tips to Help You Address the Frustrations of Running a Meeting


If you are a meeting manager, the first tip to help you deal with the frustrations of running a meeting is to follow a strict agenda. It is important to follow the agenda as closely as possible, but not everyone should attend the meeting. A brief summary sent by email works just as well. Also, reduce the number of attendees to make the time more productive. Some of the meeting management tips mentioned below include:

7 ways to calm your mind when dealing with frustrations in meeting management

Whether you’re a meeting manager or a meeting attendee, there are 7 ways to calm your mind when dealing with meeting management frustrations. First, make yourself mentally pause and write down the reasons you’re frustrated. Then, try to think of a positive aspect of your current situation. For example, you might have extra time to prepare for the meeting if you’re running late. This will also allow you to relax during the time you’re late.

Laptops-closed/phones-off policy

Many companies and organizations have strict policies regarding the use of mobile devices during meetings, while others relax the rules. Experts on the use of mobile devices in meetings have differing opinions on the issue. Some think mobile devices should be completely banned, while others don’t see any problem with staying connected. Others simply don’t see the need to ban mobile devices in meetings, and believe that people need to be able to stay connected. Regardless of the type of policy that your organization has in place, the important thing to remember is that people will continue to be distracted if they are allowed to use their phones or laptops in meetings.

Asking attendees for feedback

Leaders often assume that meetings are going well, but they may be surprised to learn that attendees complain about time spent in the meeting, irrelevant agenda items, and lack of focus. Disgruntled employees cost organizations millions of dollars in lost productivity. Meetings waste time that could be spent on more important tasks, and disengagement diminishes performance, innovation, teamwork, and service delivery.

Creating an agenda

Creating an agenda for your meetings in India will help you manage your time and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and covers important points. This will reduce the number of unproductive meetings and help you avoid losing time. To create a good agenda, you should involve the whole team in creating it. This way, everyone will have input into what should be discussed in the meeting. You should also provide a copy for each member before the meeting begins.

Creating an invite list

One way to address meeting management frustrations is to create an invite list. This will allow you to invite only those people who have a relevant role to play in the meeting. By doing so, you will prevent people from showing up without adding value to the conversation. In addition, creating an invite list ensures that only key players are invited to meetings and will encourage people to attend only if they have something valuable to add.

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